Cloud & Network Synergy

Accelerating ICT transformation and service innovation

Accelerates Network Modernization

ZTE’s IMS-based fixed network reconstruction solution supports various legacy fixed network access modes, including H.248, PRI, MGCP, NCS, H.323, ISDN, V5, etc. It also supports seamless roaming among 2G, 3G, 4G, and WiFi networks, to avoid repeated investments made by carriers and accelerate fixed-mobile convergence. ZTE IMS-based fixed network reconstruction solution accumulates rich reconstruction experience and forms a whole set of migration tools, helping customers perform network reconstruction fast and safely. It supports zero service interruption during network reconstruction and fully inherits existing services and provides more service experience. ZTE IMS-based fixed network reconstruction solution helps carriers to implement network modernization, greatly reducing the CAPEX and OPEX and bringing new service growth points for carriers.

Solutions Advantages

Accesses various terminals
Most complete access modes
Avoids overlapping investment
Promotes fixed-mobile convergence
Rich reconstruction experience
Whole set of migration tools
Fast and safe network reconstruction
0 service interruption
Consistent service experience
Inherits existing services fully
More services experience
Brings new service growth points

Customer Value