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Lightweight and miniaturized, serving government and enterprise private networks

ZTE's lightweight and miniaturized iIMS(industry IMS) solution is oriented towards private network applications such as government&enterprise and industry applications. It features small footprint, low power consumption, high integration and integrated O&M, and can meet customers' audio/video call requirements, including basic group functions.


Common Network Architecture

The ZTE iIMS solution complies with standard architectures such as 3GPP, TISPAN, ITU-T and OMA. It can access fixed, mobile and fixed-mobile converged users at the same time, provide protocol interfaces such as SIP/Diameter/H.248, and support SIP-based interconnection with third-party equipment/networks.


Private Network Voice Services

The ZTE iIMS solution can connect multiple types of fixed/mobile voice terminals to implement interworking of internal short numbers, and supports the terminals dialing PSI numbers to implement secondary traffic distribution through the automatic station service. At the same time, it is allowed to apply for external call number resources, and interconnects with external users through the IMS network of the interconnected operator.


Industry-Specific Applications

The ZTE iIMS solution provides terminal access/registration, supports fixed, mobile, and inter-dial, and is responsible for signaling/media interconnection with external network/external number. At the same time, third-party registration is triggered to the existing scheduling system to provide various scheduling functions without changing customer habits.


Miniaturized BOSS System

The ZTE iIMS solution supports the offline charging function, and provides offline CDRs for the calling, called and forwarding scenarios to facilitate reconciliation with the operator. At the same time, the operator can create accounts or perform O&M through the accounting/NM system in the existing network, or log in to the NE to create accounts or perform O&M to meet the diversified requirements of customers.

Solutions Advantages

Extremely small dimension
Supports one 2U server at least
Ultra-small footprint
Ultra-low power consumption
Extremely fast deployment
Automatic deployment of AIC
Flexible Local Policies
Local batch number allocation
Extremely simple networking
Simple requirement for campus networks
Very few IP addresses
Simplified local O&M

Customer Value