ZTE CloudStudio VNFM Ranked as Leader by GlobalData


ZTE Corporation, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today declared that its CloudStudio (formerly vManager) VNFM product was ranked as Leader by GlobalData in its latest standalone VNFM survey report titled “ Standalone VNF Managers: Competitive Landscape Assessment”.

GlobalData, a world leading provider of data and analysis, points out that VNFM product is an important part for VNFs interfacing with MANO to complete virtualization capabilities. Operators need a generic VNFM, whether strictly ETSI-compliant or not, to deploy multiple VNFs to finish the first step to network virtualization transformation. A generic VNFM which can be sold standalone or integrated should possess powerful capabilities in decoupling or integrating with third-party APPs / VNFs and NFVO.

ZTE’s VNFM features the following strengths according to GlobalData:
Extensive support for multiple VIM types, including telecom cloud like OpenStackand VMware , private cloud, and public cloud like AWS, addressing interface features of different virtualization resource layers.

Rich integration management capabilities for APPs / VNFs: ZTE VNFM has finished integration verification with more than 40 kinds of third-party VNFs. It provides basic process requirements as defined in protocols and specifications and retains extensible interfaces to adapt to carrier-grade complicated feature requirements, so as to meet requirements of different VNFs.  

Stable integration with third-party orchestrators such as HP and open source ONAP: ZTE VNFM can easily access the unified orchestrator as the access management module of VNF, to reduce the adaption difficulty caused by VNF difference to upper layer orchestrator.

Powerful function assurance: ZTE VNFM not only provides all capabilities of VNF lifecycle management, but also is able to manage over 30 different VNFs in complex network service orchestration environments, showing advanced capabilities and technologies.

Rich integration experience: ZTE VNFM interworks with software designed by different vendors, open source projects and operators, having the leading edge in similar products.    

As one of network cloudification leaders, ZTE is committed to the development of virtualization technologies, keeping optimizing application scenarios and verifying commercialization capabilities. So far, ZTE has deployed more than 320 commercial/trial virtualization projects around the world. ZTE develops deep cooperation with mainstream operators, has joined many standards organizations and open source communities such as ETSI, 3GPP, ONAP, OPNFV, OpenStack, OpenDayLight and CNCF, and aims to build an open and win-win ecosystem together with industrial partners.