ZTE and China Telecom Collaborated to Complete the World’s First 4G/5G Network Interworking Test under the SA Architecture


Recently, ZTE collaborated with China Telecom Guangzhou Research Institute to complete the world’s first 4G/5G network interworking test under the SA architecture. This is another major development after ZTE helped China Telecom take the lead in making through the 5GC First Call based on three-layer decoupling and SA architecture.

This test was based on the latest 3GPP protocol framework and has tested multiple scenarios such as AMF/MME supporting/not supporting N26, AMF/MME separated, and AMF/MME combined. The test content includes: migrating single, multiple or part of sessions during location update in idle state, migrating single, multiple or part of sessions during data service switchover in active state, and other service functions. All entries got passed and achieved the desired goals.

As a long-term strategic partner of China Telecom, ZTE actively participates in various 5G technology research of China Telecom, and has carried out many internal and external field tests of 5G key technologies, simulation of related technical characteristics, and simulation of related industry application characteristics with China Telecom. ZTE has accumulated rich experience in the 5G practice process and can effectively and efficiently help operators accelerate 5G commercialization and application innovation.