ZTE and China Mobile First to Complete the Three-Layer Decoupling Test of 5G Core


A major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today announced that it has completed the verification test of 5G Core under the three-layer decoupling architecture with China Mobile Research Institute.

Leveraging on ZTE’s latest 5G Core version, the test deploys a 5G Core with independent networking on the TIC (Telecom Integration Cloud) of China Mobile Lab. It has completed the test verification of network slice deployment and orchestration, service-based architecture (SBA) and 5G basic service process. The open and advanced architecture ensures the successful completion of the entire test.

As the world's leading provider of integrated communications solutions, ZTE has been investing in 5G research since early 2009. Its 5G core system synchronizes with 5G standards and is the first to comprehensively support 3GPP SBA. In this system, the control plane includes standard network function services defined by 3GPP specifications and public network function services to well meet the requirements of being self-contained, reusable and self-managed while the media plane supports flexible deployment and high-performance forwarding.

"The 5G Core technology research and development experiment is a very important part of the 5G development process. As a trailblazer of 5G, ZTE will continue to increase its investment and to promote the development of technology and standardization, as well as commercial deployments,” said Xu Ziyang, president of ZTE's CCN products, “We are carrying out active, effective and win-win cooperation with leading operators, industry chain partners and standard organizations such as China Mobile, to embrace the new era of 5G."