ZTE announces strategic collaboration with Red Hat to accelerate 5G core innovation at MWC24


ZTE Corporation announced a strategic collaboration at MWC Barcelona 2024 with Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, to deliver a cutting-edge standalone 5G core network solution for telecommunication service providers across the world. This cooperation aims to enable service providers to achieve cloud-native and high performance networks for rapid launch of 5G service applications.

Combining ZTE’s full-access cloud core and infrastructure, together with Red Hat Openshift, the industry’s leading hybrid cloud application platform powered by Kubernetes, it offers an agile and reliable standalone 5G core solution that can modernize network capabilities for service providers and drive innovation in the 5G space.

A multi-vendor core network presents significant challenges to the complexity across various systems. ZTE addresses this complexity by offering end-to-end integration and comprehensive technical support service for hardware, cloud platforms, and CT/IT applications from third parties. This enables flexibility in network construction options and provides optimal service delivery for service providers.

With Red Hat, ZTE is delivering customized telco-enhanced solutions across diverse markets. The notable achievements are including CelcomDigi Berhad (CelcomDigi) Malaysia’s largest mobile network operator, wherein ZTE and Red Hat collaborated to deliver standalone 5G core running on Red Hat OpenShift to achieve the first data call speed up to 1.3Gbps with 0% packet loss.

Additionally, ZTE and Red Hat are actively collaborating with global customers to deliver high-quality connectivity and future-fit solutions, accelerating the next-generation 5G core network.

Through this cooperation, service providers are poised to benefit from innovative solutions that modernize their 5G services, paving the way for the future of their 5G core network. ZTE and Red Hat have a shared commitment to driving technological advancements, and fostering strategic alliances that contribute to the growth and development of 5G core innovation in the telecommunications industry.

Wang Quan, Vice President at ZTE, said,”We are proud to announce the successful completion of the first data call on the standalone 5G core in collaboration with CelcomDigi and look forward to more to come. This milestone underscores ZTE’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology that meets the high-performance standards of the telecommunications industry. Our collaboration with Red Hat has been fundamental in achieving this success, and highlighting the synergy between our certified network functions and Red Hat OpenShift.”

Honoré LaBourdette, Acting Senior Vice President, Global Telco, and Vice President, Telco, Media and Entertainment Partner Ecosystem, Red Hat, said, “Red Hat is thrilled to expand our partnership with ZTE to help service providers deliver innovative 5G applications and services to their customers. Our partner ecosystem continues to be the beating heart behind many of the innovations driving telco business transformation today and into the future. With Red Hat OpenShift as the foundation for ZTE’s standalone 5G core, customers will be able to leverage cloud-native capabilities that deliver scalability, agility, and which future-proof the solution.”