U Mobile and Enfrasys Solutions Drive Innovation with 5G Private Network PoC for Transocean Logistics


U Mobile, in collaboration with Enfrasys Solutions, has successfully concluded a groundbreaking private 5G network proof-of-concept (PoC) aimed at automating Transocean Logistics’ container inspection process.

Leveraging U Mobile’s 5G private network capabilities and Enfrasys Solutions’ Container Vision industrial application with multi-access-edge computing (MEC), this initiative marks a significant advancement in Malaysia’s logistics industry. ZTE Corporation’s support was instrumental in providing the 5G RAN and 5G Core infrastructure for the private network.

This pioneering collaboration has transformed Transocean Logistics into the first container depot in Malaysia to adopt such cutting-edge technology, specifically designed to automate critical aspects of logistics operations.

The PoC highlighted the benefits of 5G and MEC technologies, facilitated by Container Vision’s artificial intelligence (AI) features. It empowered Transocean Logistics’ inspectors to scan and detect defects in real-time using AI upon the arrival of containers at their Butterworth, Penang depot.

During the PoC, Transocean Logistics witnessed a remarkable up to 70% improvement in the time required to complete the detection process compared to existing practices.

This success underscores how 5G technology can advance logistics through enhanced digital solutions, offering improved connectivity, service reliability, and network performance.

The PoC demonstrated several operational efficiencies such as:

  • U Mobile’s Private 5G Network: Providing low latency and high bandwidth to support Enfrasys Solutions’ Container Vision application, enabling seamless digitalization of Transocean Logistics’ container inspection process;

  • End-to-End Digitalization: Workers can now perform ISO standard inspections by capturing container information and defect images using the Container Vision app, leading to improved inspection accuracy and governance with secure data storage within the private network;

  • MEC-driven Data Processing: Moving heavy AI processes closer to the application usage source, enhancing data processing speed and enabling instant defect detection and logging; and

  • Supply Chain Streamlining: Integration of various upstream business applications to promote transparency among depot operators and container owners.

Woon Ooi Yuen, CTO of U Mobile, emphasized the company’s commitment to leveraging technology like 5G for greater industry efficiencies, showcasing U Mobile’s innovation leadership in Malaysia. He highlighted the value of combining 5G technology with AI and automation to deliver significant enterprise customer benefits.

Tengku Razmi, CEO of Enfrasys Solutions, highlighted the potential of MEC to revolutionize enterprise applications and accelerate business automation, enabling seamless AI and automation solutions.

Ismail Ibrahim, CEO of Transocean Logistics, expressed excitement about the pilot AI solution, expected to reduce manual effort for container inspections by 70%. This project positions Transocean Logistics as a pioneer in adopting advanced solutions and technologies within Malaysia’s container depot industry.