Opensource Contributions

Platinum member

LF Networking

The Linux Foundation has created the LF Networking Fund (LFN) project, which is currently composed of seven open source network projects: ONAP, OPNFV, OpenDaylight,, PDNA, SNAS and Tungsten Fabric.

ZTE is the Platinum member of LFN.

ZTE has one Governing Board (GB) and one Technical Advisory Council (TAC).


  • 2020


    In late June 2020, LFN changed the LFN Developer and Test Forum originally scheduled in Seoul, Korea to online.


    LFN held a virtual technology conference online


    ZTE senior experts participated in the LFN Developer and Testing Forum held in Prague, Czech.

  • 2019


    ZTE conducted a number of wonderful technology sharing and discussions at the LFN Developer Symposium in China.


    ZTE participated in Common NFVI Telco Taskforce (CNTT) , which was jointly hosted by the LFN and the GSMA, aiming to accelerate the standardization of NFVI.