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LF Networking

The LF Networking Fund (LFN) is a sub-foundation of the Linux Foundation. Currently, it includes ONAP, Anuket, OpenDaylight, OPX, PNDA, SNAS,, Tungsten Fabric, ODIM, and XGVela.

ZTE is the Platinum member of LFN.

ZTE has one Governing Board (GB) and one Technical Advisory Council (TAC).


  • 2021


    ZTE gives a keynote speech on Open Networking & Edge Executive forum.

  • 2020


    In late June 2020, LFN changed the LFN Developer and Test Forum originally scheduled in Seoul, Korea to online.


    LFN held a virtual technology conference online


    ZTE senior experts participated in the LFN Developer and Testing Forum held in Prague, Czech.

  • 2019


    ZTE conducted a number of wonderful technology sharing and discussions at the LFN Developer Symposium in China.


    ZTE participated in Common NFVI Telco Taskforce (CNTT) , which was jointly hosted by the LFN and the GSMA, aiming to accelerate the standardization of NFVI.