Opensource Contributions

ODL Contributions


ZTE officially became the Platinum member of the Opendaylight community in March 2017

6 PTLs and 26 technical commit experts in the Opendaylight project

The cumulative amount of code in the community is about 50,000 lines, and in-depth research and code contributions in core projects such as MD-SAL, Controller, Yangtool, Netconf, etc

Added 1 new TSC, 1 core project (MD-SAL project) committer in 2018, and community contribution ranked fourth

ZTE has led the establishment of OF-config, BIER, P4 Plugin, Telemetry, DetNet, Alt-datastores and other projects in ODL community


  • 2020


    Wang Senxiao began to participate in the work of restconf supporting rfc8040 standard, and continued to submit function codes and modify bugs


    The Magnesium version of ODL is released, and ZTE DetNet project joins magnesium SR1 version

  • 2019


    The Sodium version of ODL is released


    ZTE DetNet project joins ODL's Sodium version release process and adds a Jira project release plan, which is expected to be officially released in September 2019


    Han Jie and China Mobile jointly launched the Alt-datastores project application in the ODL community, which was reviewed and voted by the TSC meeting and became the official project of the ODL community


    The Neon version of ODL is released

  • 2018


    ZTE launched the DetNet project in the community, which was reviewed and voted by the TSC meeting and became the official project of the ODL community. At present, the number of our ODL projects has reached 5, including OF-config, BIER, P4, Telemetry, DetNet


    Xiong Quan and Han Jie were invited by the ODL chairman to participate in the GNTC Global Network Technology Conference, and gave lectures on ODL 5G and MD-SAL technologies in the LFN Workshop


    The Fluorine version of ODL is released


    The Telemetry project initiated by ZTE in the ODL community has been reviewed and voted by TSC, and became the official project of the ODL community. ZTE has established P4, Telemetry and other related projects about network intelligent operation and maintenance, and will continue to conduct in-depth research in this direction.


    ZTE ODL developer Han Jie was officially accepted as a committer by the MD-SAL project, which is also our first committer in the ODL core project

  • 2017


    Xiong Quan, BIER Project PTL from ZTE, win ODL 2018 TSC election and become new TSC member of OpenDaylight community.

    P4 Plugin Project team made presentation in 2018 GNTC and received lots good feedback.


    As China Telecom requested, ZTE hosted a camp of OpenDaylight kernel projects.


    ZTE have a conference with China Mobile, discussed how to support 3 party database in OpenDaylight platform


    ODL Community approved P4 Plugin projects creation review which submitted by ZTE

    ZTE participate in the panel about China OpenSource construction ODL-minisummit in OPNFV Summit.


    The bier project was officially released in the Carbon version


    Phil Robb, new executive director of OpenDaylight, came to visit ZTE Nanjing R&D Base


    ZTE became the Platinum member of ODL

  • 2016


    ZTE sponsored the ODL China City Tour, and gained good response


    ZTE and China Telecom jointly set up the bier project

    Neela Jacques, executive director of OpenDaylight, visited ZTE Shenzhen Headquarters, to discuss the future cooperation of ZTE and OpenDaylight


    The of-config project was officially released in the boron version


    ZTE become the Silver member of Opendaylight

  • 2015


    ZTE began to participate in the Opendaylight community contribution, and led the establishment of the of-config project