Opensource Contributions

ONAP Contributions


ONAP is the combination of OPEN-O community and OpenECOMP community. ZTE is one of OPEN-O sponsors;

The Platinum member of ONAP community.


  • 2020


    LFN announced the availability of the ONAP Frankfurt release! ZTE keeps participation and contribution.

  • 2019


    ONAP Dublin is officially released, ZTE leading projects MSB and Holmes are available, ZTE actively supports VFC and modeling work.

  • 2018


    ONAP Casablanca was officially released, ZTE's contribution ranked 4th. We continued to lead MSB and Holmes projects and actively supported VFC and modeling work.

  • 2017


    With the support of ZTE and industry partners, ONAP project first code release, Amsterdam, was released on Nov 20. General contribution of ZTE reached 16.9% and rank 3 in all members. More detail please refer to:


    During ONAP Paris developer conference, it is announced that all projects including MSB, Holmes led by ZTE have met the criteria of M4(code freeze) mile stone. This reflect that code developing of ONAP Amsterdam release has been finished.


    At the ONAP Community Developers Conference in Beijing, the ONAP Community TSC reviewed and approved the first 24 projects. ZTE successfully completed two projects, MSB (Micro Service Bus), Holmes (Alarm Correlation Analyzer), and acted as the PTL


    in the AT&T R&D center, OPEN-O members and OpenECOMP members carried out a full technical exchange, and discussed the ONAP community architecture, use cases and so on. ONAP community was formally established


    OPEN-O released the second version. ZTE vEPC and vIMS commercial products were verified in OPEN-O China Mobile Open Source Lab. ZTE vCPE commercial products were verified in OPEN-O China Telecom Open Source Lab. At the ONS summit, ZTE delivered a speech of “Orchestration Solution based on Micro Service Architecture”


    OpenECOMP community was established. With the coordination of Linux Foundation, OpenECOMP and OPEN-O began to merge


    ZTE set up two new project in the OPEN-O community, Holmes (Alarm Correlation Analyzer) and Policy, and acted as the PTL

  • 2016


    OPEN-O released the first version. ZTE vCPE commercial products was proved in OPEN-O China Mobile Open Source Lab


    The OPEN-O kick-off meeting was held in Shenzhen. ZTE become its Premier member, and acted as the PTL of the MSB (Micro Service Bus), a core basic module

  • 2015


    ZTE began to cooperate with China Mobile, and participated in the OPEN-O community preparatory work