OpenStack Contributions


Gold member of OpenStack

Ocata release - Ranking 8 in Commits; Pike release - Ranking 12 in Commits and Ranking 3 in Completed BP

8 Core Reviewers/Members, 1 PTL

TECS has passed RefStack test and is authorized to use 'Openstack Powered' label.

  • 2018


    Mr. Zhu Rong has been elected PTL of Murano and Solum, Mr. Liu Xuefeng has been elected PTL of Senlin. Madam Feng Shengqin been elected PTL of Zun.

    The Chinese version of "Identity, Authentication, and Access Management in OpenStack" , which translated by ZTE OpenStack NAIL Team, has been Published.


    OpenStack Queens released. ZTE ranks 11th in Commits and ranks 4th in Completed BP.


    Mr. Miao Hongbao has been approved to be core of Zun. ZTE has 10 cores among OpenStack official projects so far.

  • 2017


    ZTE hosted the NFV/EC Meetup in Shanghai. This meetup focus on NFV and edge computing topics.


    Sponsored OpenStack Sydney Summit. 8 presentations were made by ZTE on it.


    Mr. Ge Cong has been approved to be core of Zaqar. ZTE has 9 cores among OpenStack official projects so far.


    OpenStack Pike released. ZTE ranks 12th in Commits and ranks 3rd in Completed BP. This shows that ZTE has achieved a shift from quantity emphasis to quality emphasis in opensource contribution.

    Mr. Zhu Rong has been elected PTL of Murano and Solum


    ZTE is elected vice president of China Open Source Cloud League


    ZTE successfully completed the OpenStack Interop Challenge at OpenStack Poston Summit and delivered 5 technical speeches


    ZTE has won the Outstanding Enterprise Award for the Interop Challenge Project of Open Source Cloud Alliance for Industry (OSCAR)

    ZTE's TECS and Daisycloud-core won "OSCAR Open Source Technology Innovation” awards


    ZTE hosted OpenStack Nanjing Meetup 2017


    OpenStack Ocata version is released. ZTE’s community contributions ranked No.8

  • 2016


    ZTE passed the Trusted Cloud open source solution evaluation and certification hosted by OSCAR

    ZTE’s China Mobile RCS Convergent communication solution won the second prize of 2016 China Excellent Open Source Cloud Computing Cases


    ZTE become the Gold member of OpenStack


    ZTE sponsored and attended the OpenStack Barcelona Summit, and began to apply for the gold member


    OpenStack Newton version was released. ZTE’s community code contributions achieved a rocket-style rise, becoming the No.13 in the community


    ZTE was awarded three “Best Practices of Industry Solutions” (Telecom / Electricity / Education) by China Open Source Cloud Alliance for industRy (OSCAR) in 2016


    ZTE hosted the OpenStack Nanjing Meetup 2016, the first time to establish a new project: Daisycloud-core, in the OpenStack community


    ZTE TECS Openstack product was official certificated by Openstack, was authorized to use the "Powered by OPENSTACK" logo

  • 2015


    ZTE began to participate in the Openstack Community contribution, making a breakthrough in the Mitaka version