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Mid-low-end Storage

The ZXCLOUD KS3200 storage system is a product that has high cost effectiveness and telecom-class quality, which is oriented to the enterprise-level storage application. It is mainly used for applications of enterprise users such as massive data storage and hard disk data backup, involving HD/SD program manufacturing, multimedia video data storage, IPTV, video surveillance, SME DB, file archiving, and data backup. It can be used to industries such as telecom, Internet, broadcasting and TV, government, education, public security, and SME. High Performance and Easy Scalability: It uses the high performance multi-core processors based on the 64-bit X86 architecture, which supports configuring at most 96GB high speed cache. It supports the kinds of flexibly-configured combination solutions: eight 1 Gb iSCSIs + eight 8 Gb FCs, eight 1 Gb iSCSIs + eight 16 Gb FCs, eight 1Gb iSCSIs + four 10 Gb iSCSIs, eight 1Gb iSCSIs + four 10 Gb FCoEs, eight 1 Gb iSCSIs + four 8 Gb FCs, eight 1Gb iSCSIs, eight 8 Gb FCs and four 8 Gb FCs. It supports the multi-level expansion (at most one controller enclosure plus ten disk enclosures) function. It also supports 252 hard disks. High Reliability: The product is designed in total redundant module mode, which has dual active controllers、the 1+1 redundant power and fan modules. It has the industrially-advanced C2F permanent data power-off protection technology, and its system availability reaches up to 99.999%. Easy Maintenance: Unified remote O&M solution: The product has the built-in Web management interface, so it is unnecessary for the maintenance person to reach the spot. Rapid breakdown diagnosis: The system supports detecting SMART hard disks, providing alarm modes such as LED light and email to ensure that the equipment breakdown information cannot be neglected or missed. Convenient maintenance: The controller, power, fan, and hard disk support the hot swappable mode and disk roaming function to reduce the maintenance complexity. Energy Conservation: The product support 240v high voltage DC power The product uses the industry-advanced hard disk deceleration and hibernation technology to reduce the power consumption. Smart rotation adjustment and mute fan design: It has low power consumption and low noise. The CPU has the smart frequency conversion, smartly adjusting the CPU working frequency according to the service pressure. Green, lead free, and environmental protection.

Products Advantages

Carrier-grade Quality
Design/test/ production conforms to carrier-grade production standard

Highly Cost-effective

Large cache
Rich interface
Rich value-added SW

Highly Reliable

Full redundancy of HW

Latest Function

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Major Function

  • Clone function

    Clone is a complete copy of the source volume (real-time cloning, only support for copying within this device), unlike snapshots, which is a 1: 1 copy of the source volume. When the source volume data is corrupted, it can be recovered from the data of the target volume Source volume data.
  • Snapshot function

    A snapshot is a snapshot of a given volume at a given time, and when the snapshot is created, the data is not actually copied, and the source volume changes the data to a snapshot resource volume when the source volume changes. Snapshots and source volumes to recover data.
  • Volume copy function

    A volume copy is a complete copy of the source volume or a remote copy (a full copy of a moment, a local volume copy, or a remote volume copy across the device). Similar to cloning, source volume data can be recovered from the data of the target volume.
  • Synchronous mirror function

    Synchronous mirror is a real-time synchronization of the source volume (real-time replication between two sets of remote media devices), and the same data is written to local and remote devices.
  • Asynchronous mirror function

    Asynchronous mirroring is a non-real-time synchronization of the source volume (non-real-time replication between two sets of devices), the same data written to the main device after the success of the main equipment from the background timing synchronization to the backup device.
  • Automatic thin function

    Automatic thin is a function that allows virtual allocation of capacity space to protect the user's initial investment. The initial actual purchase less actual capacity, but can be a virtual allocation of a larger capacity, follow the actual use of dynamic expansion。
  • Automatic tire function

    Automatic tire is a balanced cost and performance, to provide users with the highest cost-effective product features. Configure a small number of high-performance layer SSD disk, the right performance SAS disk, and most capacity layer NL_SAS disk, to achieve business data flow between different levels of dynamic.
  • SSD Cache function

    SSD Cache function is through the SSD as cache acceleration layer, improve system performance.