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Enlightening the network with flexible Apps on-demand

With the maturity of SDN/NFV technologies, enterprises and operators can reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of network systems by integrating information and communication (ICT) technologies. In response to this demand, ZTE has launched the ZXR10 MCG 5300 Micro Cloud Gateway, which is designed to support Intel's high-performance X86 architecture and integrate IT resources and CT equipment through virtualization. This new product series not only possesses traditional CT capabilities such as routing and switching, but also IT features such as high-performance computing, large-capacity storage and virtualization. The MCG solution meets the requirements of fast data forwarding, flexible service deployment and ETE network provisioning. It enables the multilevel openness of equipment, network and applications, and supports rapid integration of third-party applications to provide a variety of value-added services for users and drive the development of government, enterprise and operator networks.

Products Advantages

Double powerful
Dual-wan dynamic selection by APP-aware
Dual-server promote service reliability
Dual-engine supply steady performance

Dynamic enhanced APP

Openness with SDN/NFV architecture
Compatible with third-party APPs on-demand

Extremely simple

Visual end-to-end service orchestration
Batch remote maintenance
Zero-configuration auto-deployment

Latest Function

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Major Function

  • ICT Integration

    • It supports routing, switching, X86 server, storage and security in a single device to cut CAPEX and save equipment room space.
    • It integrates SDN and NFV to uniformly manage IT and CT and innovate service modes.
  • Powerful Performance

    • It integrates 10G uplink interfaces and 1000M access ports.
    • X86 subcard employs high-performance multi-core CPUs and Virtual Machines (VM) can be loaded with IPSec, WAN optimization, AC and other value-added services at the same time.
    • It supports harddisk (HD) subcards and RAID to ensure data security.
  • On-Demand Extension

    • Extension slots are shared, and connectivity, computing and storage can be extended flexibly as needed.
    • Local X86-based micro DC and remote DC are combined to form an integrated cloud network. The device can be accessed as a node to the cloud, and computing and storage resources can be adjusted dynamically to maximally protect user investment.
  • Open Platform

    • With virtualization technology and open interfaces, the device integrates with the third party. The user can customize and deploy applications as needed, such as virtual firewall, anti-virus software and WAN acceleration.
    • Network functions and services change from hardware-based to software-based, greatly shortening the response time and deployment period of service demands.
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