Cloud & Network Synergy

Accelerating ICT transformation and service innovation

General Platform Sevice Introduction

     With the evolution of virtualization to cloud native, the PaaS is becoming a service innovation booster to realize capability elimination and reuse. As the basis of the PaaS platform, the general platform service provides the overall framework service and basic middleware service for the PaaS platform.

     General platform service include a microservice management platform and a middleware platform. The microservice management platform is responsible for the registration, discovery, management, governance, capability release, and monitoring of microservices, and is the basis of microservice operation. The main functions include service bus, high-performance service gateway, service grid, capability opening gateway, multi-language development framework, serviceability support and security protection for microservices.

     The middleware platform includes the middleware management platform and the built-in middleware service. It provides a framework for releasing middleware and provides reliable basic middleware services for services, such as postgresql, kafka and redis.

     With the general platform service, various middleware systems can be added, such as the network edge middleware, data middleware, AI middleware, and various industry middleware, to provide scenario-based services.

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