Cloud & Network Synergy

Accelerating ICT transformation and service innovation

Hardware Acceleration Introduction

The ZTE NEO cloud card is a kind of PCIe card that can be used for general servers. It, which is based on the software and hardware integration system architecture, unloads the computing, network, storage and security modules from the server to the acceleration hardware. Only the lightweight Hypervisor resides on the server. Through software and hardware collaboration virtualization, this card enables servers to be cloudified once the card is inserted, so that it can be widely used in public cloud, private cloud, IT cloud, and CT cloud. This card has the following features:

1. Since the virtualization layer is moved down to the NEO card, the users can quickly access the cloud by installing the card on the new server, releasing the CPU resources and improve the resource utilization at the same time.

2. Dedicated chips are used to implement network virtualization and storage virtualization, achieving higher network performance and storage performance.

3. The virtualization layer is physically isolated from services to completely avoid security problems such as VM escape and achieve higher security.

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