Unified Policy Solution

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Unified Policy Solution

Unified Policy Solution
Based on the ZXUN RCP (Resource Control Platform), the unified policy solution implements the function of the PCRF (Policy and Charging Rules Function). For 2/3/4G/WiFi/IMS and other network access ways, the solution implements the unified policy control and billing to simplify the network and save investment.

The unified policy solution mainly provides the following functions:

Visualization Functions

Automatic deployment, simple capacity expansion, elastic scaling, self-healing

Data Service Scenario Functions

Unified policy control, admission control, FUP, busy/idle time control, service-based control, VIP user control, BOD, anti-bill shock, roaming control, charging control, flexible redirection, NB-IoT function

VoLTE Scenario Functions

VoLTE QoS guarantee, VoLTE resource reservation, IMS emergency call, eSRVCC, location query, charging correlation, P-CSCF disaster recovery enhancement, PCRF active/standby redundancy


Customer Value
  • Differentiated operation to enhance the user experience

    The unified policy control solution promotes operators to achieve the elaborate flow operation. A flexible strategy model and a wealth of control means are used to provide different control strategies for different users, enhance the user experience and promote customer satisfaction.
  • Rapid deployment to boost revenue growth

    The unified policy solution is based on cloud architecture, and hardware is decoupled from software. The solution can be rapidly deployed and flexibly adapt to operator needs. The solution can speed up the commissioning of new services, and promote revenue growth.