Smart Marathon Helps China Mobile Achieve “Big Connection” Strategy


Recently, at the China Mobile Global Partner Conference in Guangzhou, China Mobile together with ZTE and other partners jointly showcased the Smart Marathon solution based on “Wearable Devices + Internet of Things (IoT) Platform + Big Data”. This solution demonstrated the innovation approach by which China Mobile implemented vertical integration on industry chains for hot applications, and it was the best practice of “Big Connection” optimizing connection services and enhancing connection applications.     

Smart Marathon solution based on “Wearable Devices + Internet of Things Platform + Big Data”
The Smart Marathon solution includes smart data management, smart health monitoring, smart medical aid and other function, to provide reliable assurance for the secure and efficient operation of the game.

1、Smart Data Management

Smart data management achieves identification and unified management of all kinds of features, provides device and identity authentication and updates physical signs and location information in real time. China Mobile and ZTE together with Mobvoi, Megvii and Dragon Bridge (SZ) achieve the vertical integration of terminal + platform + big data monitoring, and provide all-around data management capability such as competitor identity management, competition results management and health data management.

2、Smart Health Monitoring

The wearable device specially designed for Marathon uploads competitors’ physical signs (such as heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen saturation) to the cloud platform, and monitors, analyzes and compares the data in real time. When it detects exceptional data, the wearable device alarms the competitor.

3、Smart Medical Aid

Marathon runners often have abnormal body conditions during the race. If ambulance can reach at the hospital very soon, the runner’s life can be saved maximally. With the cooperation with vehicle-mounted terminal vendor, the Smart Marathon Solution implement real-time vehicle scheduling according to the requirements and distribution of runners, staff and audiences.

Build Smart IoT Ecosystem Based on Smart Marathon

Smart Marathon provides organization management, games management, identity authentication, location management, security management, first aid and so on. From wearable device monitoring with small data to video monitoring with big data, from race timing data upload with long latency to face recognition and driver assistance system with ultra-low latency, all these demands are realized through the virtualization network slicing, elastic network adjustment and componentized capability of IoT platform. Building the smart IoT ecosystem will continuously enhance the value of connection.