ZTE Took the Lead in Completing the 5G SA Infield Test of China Unicom


ZTE Corporation, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, successfully completed the verification of 5G Core infield test based on R15 SA-1230 which was organized by China Unicom Network Technology Research Institute, fully proving its leading position in SA 5G Core.

As the target network of 5G, SA is oriented to future full service scenarios. The successful completion of this test is a key milestone of the commercial process of China Unicom’s 5G SA, which will fuel up the development of Chinese 5G industries with high speed and high quality.

This test includes service procedure, policy control, network slicing, edge computing, and basic services. As the strategic partner of China Unicom, ZTE sent an expert team to the test site, and was the first vendor in completing the test by virtue of professional technology accumulation, helping the operator take a solid step on the way of 5G commercialization.

As the world’s leading comprehensive communications solution provider, ZTE is committed to promoting the commercialization of 5G, and has shown obvious technology advantages in pushing SA. According to IPlytics, a global patent statistic company, as of June 15th, ZTE had disclosed 1424 families of  3GPP 5G SEP (Standard Essential Patent)  to the ETSI (European Telecommunication Standards Institute), ranking the top three in the world.