ZTE Successfully Completes Performance Tests on Large-Scale Users under 5G Core Network SA Mode in China Mobile Lab


Recently, ZTE has successfully completed the large-capacity 5G core network data forwarding and equipment performance verification of 5G SA mode in the lab of China Mobile Research Institute, taking a solid step forward in the 5G commercialization process. 

The large-capacity data forwarding performance and stability of 5G core network are the basic conditions for the commercial use of 5G network. China Mobile is the world's leading mobile communications operator and the leader of 5G SA commercialization. As its strategic partner, ZTE's 5G core network system, based on the standard traffic model of China Mobile's 5G core network, was successfully tested and accepted with 2 million users, 4 million sessions and 200Gbps traffic through interconnection with the third party performance tester. All the items passed the test successfully. 

This 5G SA end-to-end performance test covers the whole system capacity, forwarding capability and stability test for major NEs in the 5G core network. ZTE system (including NFV platform and 5G core network NE) is deployed on the universal server platform, covering NEs as AMF, SMF, UPF, NSSF, NRF, AUSF/UDM and PCF. It is interconnected with the third party commercial instrument to perform end-to-end performance test on the entire 5G core network system. The interfaces include N1/N2/N3/N6. After over 24-hour performance stability verification, the service success rate, throughput, network QoS and delay of the control-plane traffic and media-plane 200Gbps mixed traffic meet the test requirements. 

This test simulates the capability of 5G core network equipment to support the ultra-high concurrency of http web, http stream, udp, ftp, rtp and other ultra-large hybrid traffic and control plane complex traffic, as well as the stable operation of 5G core network system under long-term load. It fully verifies the maturity of 5G core network system. The actual test results, such as the service success rate, stability and delay, meet the pre-commercialization requirements of the 5G SA core network equipment. This test and acceptance shows again that ZTE's 5G SA core network has the deployment capability for large-scale commercial use. 

With the new opportunities of all things mobile and smart interconnection, ZTE has always taken 5G development as its core strategy, and continuously increased its investments on 5G core network technology innovation, aiming to provide better services for global operators and facilitate digital transformation.