ZTE Helps Deploy MEC Applications to Build a "5G Smart Factory"


Shenzhen, China - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today announced that ZTE and China Mobile Jiaxing Branch recently completed the deployment of 5G MEC(Multi-Access Edge Computing) applications such as 5G forklift AGV operations for enterprises in Jiaxing, and proactively built a 5G smart factory to enhance the competitiveness of the enterprises.

ZTE helped enterprises achieve 5G forklift AGV operations. Based on the 5G network and the MEC platform, ZTE collected video images of operating lines in real time, and transmitted them through the 5G wireless network to the control servers deployed on MEC(Multi-Access Edge Computing) for remote monitoring and control. Without the need to pass through the traditional core network, the MEC platform can locally process and feed back collected data in real time. This is equivalent to providing industry users with MEC-based wireless quasi private networks, and has high reliability, high security, low latency, and high bandwidth. In the past, most factories and parks used WiFi for wireless access. However, WiFi cannot guarantee security authentication, anti-interference, channel utilization, QoS, and service continuity, and cannot meet industrial requirements. The deployment of MEC applications can help the industry 4.0 achieve the transformation of the traditional manufacturing industry.

This project verifies that MEC(Multi-Access Edge Computing) edge computing can be used in industrial applications such as AGV scheduling control, industrial AR-assisted preventive maintenance and assembly, real-time control of on-site devices, remote maintenance and control, and industrial HD image processing.

Before that, according to CCTV news, in the "Smart 5G Factory" filament production workshop in Jiaxing, all production images are transmitted to the company's industrial Internet platform through ultra-high-definition (UHD) images, and centralized management and control, operation scheduling, and expert processing of group-wide device production are implemented. The 5G Smart Factory is based on the 5G end-to-end solution provided by ZTE and China Mobile's Jiaxing Branch.

ZTE's 5G-oriented MEC solution integrates multiple software and hardware technologies (such as platform design, virtualization, MEP, and hardware acceleration) with the 5G network architecture to provide a lightweight, unified, high-performance, and flexible MEC edge cloud, so that applications, services, and contents can be locally deployed in a short range and in a distributed manner. This solution can provide high-performance, high-confidentiality, low-latency, low-cost, construction-free, and maintenance-free virtual private network services, and meet the demands of "light assets" in enclosed parks or enterprise parks. Together with other government and enterprise service products, this solution provides a full range of services from fixed networks to mobile networks and from PCs to mobile phones, improving customer satisfaction, network availability, and service usage.

At present, ZTE's MEC solution has served more than 200 industrial users and established strategic partnerships with more than 100 enterprises. ZTE is committed to working with operators and industry partners to explore the cooperation mode of edge cloud and build an edge ecosystem together, to comprehensively promote the commercial use of MEC edge cloud and jointly promote the flourishing of 5G edge services.

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