MEC technology to enhance the user experience

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MEC technology to enhance the user experience

MEC technology
MEC provides application developers and content providers cloud-computing capabilities and an IT service environment at the edge of the mobile network. This environment is characterized by ultra-low latency and high bandwidth as well as real-time access to radio network information that can be leveraged by applications, including the following services optimization capabilities: ● Content Cache MEC obtains the content of the application servers, including video, pictures, documents etc. and caches locally. During the process of the service, the MEC server analyzes the data came from RN in real time. If the service content of the UE is already in the local cache, the MEC server will push the cache content directly to the terminal. ● Local Streaming Users can directly access the local network through the MEC, the local applications data stream without going through the core network. Local breakout will reduce backhaul bandwidth and the access latency to improve the business experience. ● Business Optimization Through the MEC, the wireless network information can be collected and analyzed in real time, based on the network information to dynamically optimize the services, select the appropriate data rate, content distribution mechanism, congestion control strategy etc.

Customer Value
  • Improve user experience and optimize wireless resource in real-time

    Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) moves computational abilities from the central DC in a mobile network to the radio access network (RAN) edge.
    Through the deployment of CDN network closer to the user, improving the end-user experience. Through of the data analysis capabilities in mobile edge, help to optimize wireless resource in real-time.
    MEC aims to reduce latency, enable efficient traffic steering, open up services to adjacent industry verticals that could deliver their mission critical applications over the mobile network.

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