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ZTE M6000-S Intelligent Full-Service Router, embraces the 5G Era

ZXR10 M6000-S series carrier-class router is ZTE's large-capacity and high-performance full-service router that is dedicated to 5G, big video/VR/AR, Internet of things and cloud computing era. It is the best choice to build national backbone network, MAN, Cloud Data Center, government & enterprise network, longitudinal network. ZXR10 M6000-S series products provide solutions of intelligent and opened SDN networks for operators and enterprise.

Products Advantages

Large capacity
ZTE chipsets inside, 4T platform
Unified service gateway
Powerful capability for 5G bearing

SDN/NFV Elastic Evolution

SDN opened interfaces
Segment routing + EVPN
Smooth evolution to vBRAS

Easy Operation and Maintenance

Visualization network management
Intelligent traffic tuning

Major Function

  • High-performance Integrated Platform embraces the 5G Era

    •    Large capacity: 4T platform,ZTE chipsets inside, offer high density of  E1~400GE interfaces and flexible networking. 
    •    Unified service platform: Integrate business VPN gateway, public broadband service gateway, CGN gateway  , one platform offers multiple GWs to reduce investment. 
    •    Powerful capability for 5G bearing:  Ultra low-latency forwarding with 5us , high-precision clocks with ±5ns, elastic network slicing etc.  to meet the requirements of 5G transport. 
    •    IPv6 pioneer: support IPv4/IPv6 dual stack, DS_Lite, NAT64, IPv6 VPN and tunnel technology to realize smooth evolution from IPv4/v6 dual stack to IPv6 single stack and protect investment . 

  • SDN/NFV Elastic Evolution

    •    SDN opened interfaces: Netconf, BGP-LS, BGP FlowSpec etc. Combined with SDN controller to build an intelligent elastic network. 
    •    EVPN unified control plane : VxLAN EVPN / MPLS EVPN, simplify network and improve efficiency. 
    •    Segment Routing: Centralized control by SDN controller, the intermediate node is stateless, simplify deployment with good scalability and reduce OPEX. 
    •    Multicast on demand: multicast BIER(Bit Indexed Explicit Replication)combined with SDN to realize automation, self-service and intelligentialize, to provide subscribers with customized and cost-effective video services. 
    •    Smooth evolution to vBRAS: high-performance vBRAS-U forwarding plane,make current network fully used and protect investment, help operators to smoothly evolve to a cloud-based MAN. 

  • All-round protection and Easy O&M

    •    Innovative big video quality optimization technologies: TCP acceleration, RFC2544 detection, MDI (Media Delivery Index), provide the ultimate service experience for 4K/8K big video users. 
    •    Carrier-class reliability: BRAS/CGN inter-chassis hot-standby technology and failure insensitive  enhance user experience. 
    •    Intelligent traffic tuning: Telemetry, BigDNA for real-time traffic analysis and prediction, realize intelligent traffic tuning. 
    •    Efficient maintenance: ElasticNet UME for visualization network management, the visibility of network topology and service status can achieve easy and efficient maintenance. 

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