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ZXIN10 iTOP Introduction

With the extensive coverage of 4G network and popularity of intelligent terminals, mobile data services develop rapidly. The current BOSS of the operator cannot keep up with the market pace of the rapid development of data services. In order to help operators solve this problem, further explore and mine data value, and implement differentiated data services, ZTE iTOP comes into being. iTOP (Intelligence Traffic Operation Platform), helps operators enhance the data services operation standard and management efficiency with respect to different dimensions, such as traffic charging, traffic analysis and traffic control. ZTE iTOP can provide: 1. Traffic value-added services, which increase data revenue from consumers, expand new sales channels from enterprises, improve mobile user satisfaction and increase traffic revenue 2. Intelligent data strategy O&M, which helps operators enhance management efficiency and reduce OPEX

Latest Function

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Major Function

  • Traffic Value-added Services

    • Consumer data service: It includes emergency data, data transfer, data sharing, data transfer, data gift and data marketing, enhancing user experiences.
    • Enterprise data service: It includes data reward and sponsored data, which helps operators expand the business market and create the new B2B2C business model.
    • E-recharge data service: It provides a data trading and distribution platform for the agent to help operators expand new sales channels of the data service
    • QoS guarantee service: It provides data QoS guarantee for the specific time, content or application to enhance user experiences of data using
  • Intelligent Data Strategy O&M

    • Policy Operation Platform (POP): It provides the E2E operation process management, subscription data management, strategy conflict management, policy configuration distribution, convergence of marketing messages and strategy monitoring and evaluation, enhancing the operators’ efficiency of strategy management