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ZXSDP APIGW Introduction

ZXSDP APIGW is dedicated to rapid and flexible integration with the capabilities of telecom networks and service platforms. It abstracts and exposes the standard and lightweight APIs, provides API exposing services to the internal developers of operators, enterprise developers, long-tail developers and industry partners securely, and provides friendly services such as API development presence, API development and integration and API operation statistics. API Gateway helps operators expand the range of products and services, promote the development of partners and accelerate the internal innovation and the digital transformation.

ZXSDP APIGW has the following advantages, including:

1. Based on the Microservice architecture, enhancing the flexibility of the platform and the efficiency of the development, meeting the requirements for rapid introduction and exposure of new capabilities

2. Supporting NFV, realizing on-demand elastic scaling and rapid system deployment, and helping cloud-based transformation of operators’ services

3. Providing unified API O&M to enhance the developers’ experiences and help operators to build a new API business mode

Latest Function

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Major Function

  • Service GW

    Providing component-based service exposing, service integration, and service governance to expose standard and lightweight APIs for developers and partners

  • Identity and Access Management

    Providing API-based functions such as authentication and authorization, access control, and billing control to provide API-based exposing services for developers and partners securely

  • Management Framework

    Providing multiple functions such as API governance and corporation management to improve the operation and management efficiency of operators

  • Partner Service

    Providing multiple functions such as the display and sales of API products, the solution introduction of capability exposing, and partner self-service, to facilitate the service development and maintenance of the third party