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ZENIC ONE Unified Platform Introduction

Ever-expanding network scales and ever-increasing device types and quantities urgently need high-performance unified network management. Operators have provided substantial services that are still increasing, it is difficult to develop new services based on existing resources. The existing network resources are complicated, manual statistics and analysis of resources take a long time and faults frequently occur in resource allocation. Booming new technologies, new devices and new services pose higher requirements for maintenance personnel. Highly efficient operation and maintenance means should be provided to effectively reduce OPEX including manpower costs. Traditional telecommunication network system architecture urgently needs to be transformed. Network Function Virtualization (NFV) based on cloud computing is the development trend and an inevitable choice of future network. The evolution towards NFV is facing many challenges, such as, on-demand and free migration of network functions, intelligent management of service lifecycle and flexible system deployment. To cope with the above challenges, ZTE launches the CloudStudio series products. In compliance with ETSI/OPENFV/3GPP/CCSA standards, they implement NFV/SDN network orchestration and management featuring ease of integration, ease of deployment, ease of orchestration and ease of operation and maintenance to help operators to achieve operation transformation. For SDNs, the CloudStudio NCO implements unified orchestration of E2E network connection resources in SDN domain. It supports SDN resource management, SDN lifecycle management, unified monitoring for the whole network and SDN-based network-on-demand orchestration and SFC orchestration. It supports collaborative orchestration with MANO and cross-domain/cross-layer/cross-vendor collaborative service orchestration among controllers and implements automatic deployment of Access->WAN->DC / vDC network connections.

Products Advantages

OTN/IP/IPRAN/SPN unified control
Open orchestration/control hierachy


E2E cross-domain collaboration
Service simulation driver
Self-healing weith O&M expert library


Big data cognitive analysis with BigDNA
Intent-based analysis engine
AI-assisted learning engine

Latest Function

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Major Function

  • Full scenarios solution

    Performs unified resource orchestration and management for full series of transport network devices, SDN controllers and third-party SDN controllers. By close cooperation with devices, controllers and MANO, it provides complete network orchestration design solutions.

  • Integrated management and orchestration

    Integrates the management capability and orchestration capability and performs unified management and allocation of whole-network resources.  It implements intelligent network analysis in cooperation with big data function; it implements integrated orchestration of physical and virtual networks in cooperation with MANO; it implements closed loop management, control and orchestration in cooperation with SDN controllers; it supports fast interconnection with GSO or other systems by northbound interfaces to achieve network self-service. 

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