DevOps to achieve zero touch smart O&M

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DevOps to achieve zero touch smart O&M

zero touch devOps
Zero Touch DevOps goal is to reduce the R&D costs, the communication costs, improve research and development efficiency, shorten the application on-line time, break the barriers to achieve rapid response. DevOps is currently widely used in the IT field, DevOps can enhance the competitiveness of operators in the market, reduce operators CAPEX and OPEX.

Zero Touch Evolution Proposal


ZTE proposes service development trend of "Zero Touch Evolution" at the Global Service User Conference. ZTE Corporation, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, has proposed the service development trend of "Zero Touch Evolution" at the ZTE Global Service User Conference held in Kuala Lumpur. During the conference, ZTE collaborated with participants and industry analysts on the theme of "Zero Touch Evolution," .

The Goal of Zero Touch Evolution


ZTE has expressed that hundreds of millions of connections will be established in the future, generating huge amounts of data. We should develop towards the goal of "Zero Touch Evolution" in the future. The service systems aiming for "Zero Touch Evolution" will aim to guarantee the development of"Mobile Internet +" and "Internet of Things +." In addition, mutual support and strategic cooperation between operators and vendors will further promote the industry's healthy development and evolution.

On the Road to Zero Touch Operation


The journey to customer centricity and zero-touch operations requires a well thought-through business case, which shall identify those priority areas with short term, measurable return on investment (ROI) to fuel a "virtuous circle", where savings generated can be used to develop new use cases with longer-term impact on top and bottom line.ZTE combines the VMAX experience with its leadership position in pre-5G and 5G technologies and architectures to further develop the AI architecture and platforms, paving the road towards zero-touch operation. ZTE has move forward from zero touch evolution to zero touch operation.

Zero-Touch for Easy GPON Deployment


Among all optical access technologies, GPON is favored by many Multinational Telecom Operators (MTOs) for its high bandwidth and high optical splitting ratio.Based on the NGOSS architecture, ZTE's GPON deployment solution takes the service fulfillment and assurance as the core to enable fast and seamless interconnection between the Network Management System (NMS) and the BOSS and implement end-to-end (E2E) zero touch, which involves automatic order allocation, automatic engineering construction, and automatic service activation. In deploying PON networks for many operators worldwide, ZTE found that the authentication of ONU based on the logical Identifier (ID) could help to realize zero touch.

Customer Value
  • Automatic deployment, operation and maintenance

    Introduce the carrier-class DevOps platform for network slices to provide "closed-loop” intelligent operation and maintenance, to achieve design of slices, development, deployment and automatic operation and maintenance.

    VEON and ZTE Successfully Put the vEPC Into Commercial Use

  • Velcom NFVI Core

    Unitary Enterprise A1 - World’s First Complete Range of Virtualized Core Network

  • Digital Transformation

    ZTE and Banglalink successfully commercialize the world’s largest virtual SDN platform in Digital Transformation

  • ChinaMobile NFV vIMS

    World's Largest NFV Network Starts Commercialization Trial