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Distributed Cloud Solution

Why Distributed Cloud is Needed

Requirements of 5G eMBB (enhanced Mobile Broadband), URLLC (Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications) and mMTC (massive Machine Type Communications) bring great challenges to network traffic, latency and reliability. Traditional centralized deployment leads huge cost expense, and even cannot meet service requirements. Thus, an easy choice is to deploy services close to users.

What is Distributed Cloud

According to the above service trends, cloud infrastructure carrying services have to be deployed in distribution, to build a multi-layer cloud environment supporting diversified accesses and processing heavy-flow service efficiently.

What is ZTE's Distributed Cloud Solution

Based on the distributed cloud architecture of “Center + Edge + Access” data center, integrating HCI, container, hardware acceleration, AI and other technologies, ZTE successfully promotes the 5G-Ready Cloud Infrastructure featuring green and energy-saving, flexible adaption, performance acceleration, intelligent and efficient.

Solutions Advantages

High Speed
Software acceleration
Hardware acceleration
Convergent cloud and network
Unified management of heterogeneous cloud
Automatic O&M
Intelligent route cause analysis

Customer Value

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