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Accelerating ICT transformation and service innovation

Network Automation Introduction

Network Automation Background

With the continuous deepening of the digital transformation, the traditional operation mode of operators is in urgent need of changes.In order to solve the problems of the traditional OSS complex network management, long TTM of new services, difficult innovation and high cost, and combined with the new requirements to operation support system after SDN/NFV network virtualization, ZTE launches an end-to-end Network Automation solutions to help operators achieve operation transformation.

ZTE Network Automation Solution

Based on ZTE’s deep understanding of telecommunication services, which provides a powerful design engine to quickly end-to-end Network Automation deployment, and shields services to achieve underlying details. It provides a simple and easy-to-use self-service Portal ,end-to-end Network Automation deployment, Network Automation and for users to select services by themselves.Based on the end-to-end Network Automation tool cover such full O&M scenarios as design, deployment, test, monitoring, fault, upgrade and expansion, ZTE implements the rapid conversion of user orders to network resources, and provides the entire process management of Network Automation service fulfilment and assurance. Network Automation solution provides E2E design and orchestration capabilities across vendors, platforms, virtual and physical networks. Which provides full lifecycle management and assurance for services based on closed-loop policy control. It provides a unified capability exposure interface to accelerate service innovation and new services onboarding, greatly shortening the TTM.

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