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Cloud Security Solution

Cloud Security Solution
Compared with the traditional data center (DC), the cloud data center faces new vulnerabilities and new attacks because of resource sharing, migration of virtual machine at any time, applications being freely changed by the tenants. ZTE cloud DC security solution should consider the following aspects:

1.Isolation of virtual security zone, security of virtual machine

2.The existing security products and technologies should be deployed and integrated with the cloud DC to improve efficiency

3.How to make full use of the latest cloud computing technologies to improve system security in cloud DC.

For the security problem of cloud computing environment, ZTE provides a complete security solution from five aspects:infrastructure, networking, management, virtualization, and data。By adopting technologies such as OS reinforcement, TPM (Trusted Platform Module) and so no, ZTE provides customers with a full range of security protection.

ZTE also established a professional cloud DC security service team and set up a sustainable security service support system, constantly striving for customers to safely use the cloud DC.

Customer Value
  • 1.Support role and domain-based management. And support unified secure access, authentication and audit management to avoid illegal invasion.

  • 2.Taking ZTE SDN controller as the core, ZTE cloud DC security solution provides SECaaS (Security as a service) by integrating vFW, vVPN and other 3rd party security devices.
  • 3.In order to protect privacy of tenants, ZTE cloud DC security solution provides various data security services such as data isolation, data encryption and residual information protection to ensure that tenant’s data will never illegal leakage.