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Container Cloud Solution

To catch up with the trend of cloud native network evolution, ZTE launches a carrier-grade container cloud platform, TECS OpenPalette, which implements telecom enhancement based on the open source contain engine Docker and container orchestration management system Kubernetes, and builds a management system around the cloud native application lifecycle. Container is born with features of lightweight, agility, stateless, and self-contain, so it becomes the focus and best technology practice supporting the lightweight infrastructure, service-based business architecture and DevOps-based orchestration and management during the “Cloud Native Network” stage.

The current NFV architecture is based on virtual machine bearers. The introduction of the container in the NFV architecture should belong to the NFVI level. There are two scenarios:

Scenario 1: Building a container cloud platform based on a virtual machine resource pool;

Scenario 2: Building a container cloud platform based on bare metal resources.

Customer Value
  • Smooth Introduction of Containers:

    The dual-core drive function is made by VMs and containers to provide flexible and lightweight resources for 5GC cloud native.
  • Help for the Network Cloud to Transform Itself

    Containerized deployment is made to build a more flexible and more agile network and accelerate business innovation.
  • Promotion of Resource Utilization:

    Edge DC is based on bare metal deployment, so it consumes less resources.

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