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NFVI O&M Solution Introduction

With the demands of rapid service delivery and data center scale of bearer service increasing continuously, it needs to standardize and plan the construction and maintenance of data center, and use O&M automation tools (or devices) to handle with repeated and mechanical works, to save human resources, reduce manual error risk and achieve rapid service onboarding. ZTE TECS automatic O&M solution provides three kinds of automation tools including iDevise, Daisy and HealInspect, to carry out automatic project provisioning and daily O&M of data center.

iDevise: According the customer’s BOQ, it implements automatic DC design, automatically generating configuration documents for the deployment and installation of HLD, LLD and DC.

Daisy: It is responsible for the automatic deployment, upgrade and expansion of DC. ZTE Daisy is based on the open source Daisy, and makes innovation in interface, version management, automated expansion and other aspects, addressing large-scale cluster deployment and centralized deployment, to achieve more automatic, simpler and efficient deployment, upgrade and expansion.

HealInspect: It provides unattended O&M capability, achieving automated polling and network monitoring. It also provides automated test and network enforcement as well as failure device replacement capability.

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