Automated Deployment Solution

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Automated Deployment Solution

Automated Deployment Solution
Daisy is ZTE's automated installation and deployment tool for virtualization scenarios. The deployment of SDN/NFV scenarios is quite complex. However, with innovations in many aspects such as interface/version management and automated expansion, ZTE Daisy makes installation and deployment more automated, bringing easier and more efficient upgrade and expansion of large-scale cluster. ZTE Daisy provides the following functions: 1.Automatic discovery of hardware 2.Automatic installation and configuration of TECS and ZENIC SDN Controller

Customer Value
  • Easy Operation

    Automated navigation installation deployment.
    Configuration templates, simplify the configuration of the cluster and host.
    Support auto scaling of the computer node, making it easier for the new host to access to the cloud environment.

  • High Efficiency

    Support clone installation
    Support version quick upgrade & rollback
    Support multi-node batch synchronous installation
    Support rapid integrated installation of OS and cloud system
  • Various Scenarios

    Support multiple vendors’ disk arrays: ZTE, Fujitsu, HP…
    Support multiple targets deployment: OS, TECS, ZENIC, CEPH and so on.
    Support multiple networking modes: single control node, multiple control nodes, control node and computer node in one server.