Distributed Storage Solution

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Distributed Storage Solution

Distributed Storage Solution
As the business-supporting infrastructure, data centers need a more agile architecture to provide on-demand, real-time, flexible and automated delivery capabilities, so as to quickly respond to the new business requirements. Storage is the foundation of enterprise services, whether in virtual application or others. So the storage system needs to be more flexible, reliable and secure nowadays. ZTE provides a software-defined distributed storage solution, improving the utilization rate of resources, reducing the operating cost, achieving the automation of resource deployment and orchestration and ensuring business continuity, ZTE distributed storage solution can transform enterprise data centers of all sizes into more flexible and efficient business application platforms to meet more market challenge and create more value.

Customer Value
  • Open Architecture

    ZTE distributed storage solution is widely compatible with third party hardware and virtualization software, making full use of existing resources and also supporting long-term evolution, provides customers with more choices.
  • Safe and Reliable

    By adopting distributed algorithm engine architecture, ZTE distributed storage solution realizes IO parallel processing, achieving no single point of failure and hotspot access. By cooperating with cloud platform, dual live data centers can be built to achieve business 0 interruption and data 0 lost, helping enterprises reduce the cost of business disaster recovery.

  • Efficient O&M

    Provide unified and visual resource management and security domain with easy operation; automated deployment, distributed storage cluster can be built within minutes, and customers can quickly deploy cloud services on demand.