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Public Cloud Solution

Public Cloud Solution
ZTE's public cloud solution provides customers with a carrier-grade cloud resource management center and unified B2B public cloud service platform, including public cloud management, public cloud operation and public cloud services. The public cloud solution will help for the rapid development of enterprises, and effectively reducing the investment costs.

1.Public Cloud Services:

ZTE provide business users cloud host, cloud storage, virtual firewall, virtual VPN and other subscription services, to achieve the provision of cloud resources on demand, flexible layout;

2.Public Cloud Management:

ZTE provide unified management of TECS OpenStack, VMware vSphere, 3rd party OpenStack and 3rd party public cloud; cross-DC management and O&M, reducing infrastructure management complexity.

3.Public Cloud O&M:

ZTE provide scheduling and O&M supporting of public cloud infrastructure, role and domain-based management; tenant-oriented performance display and optimization; custom development for existing management system.

Public Cloud Solutions Provider

ZTE is a qualified and first-class public cloud products and solutions provider. And ZTE has acknowledged that the requirement of an enterprise for hybrid cloud services has three development phases.
During the first stage, the enterprise gradually moves edge services and storage backup data to the public cloud platform.
During the second stage, the enterprise needs to constitute its local private cloud in view of its information security and reliability.
At the third stage, the enterprise needs to interconnect the local private cloud with the public cloud platform to realize seamless linkage of services and truly realize a hybrid cloud.
Besides, ZTE has used Mobile World Congress 2017 to launch an end-to-end public cloud rich communications services (RCS) platform for mobile operators, which is helpful to small and medium-sized mobile operators and MVNOs rapidly deploy cloud-based RCS services at a low cost.
Customer Value
  • 1.TECS Director can use the existing infrastructure and business combination of the current business process.

  • 2.TECS Director can provide easy and simple self-service for enterprise customers.
  • 3.TECS Director to achieve multi-DC unified management and operation and maintenance, reduce infrastructure management complexity.
  • 4.Self-service and automatic delivery shorten the configuration cycle from a few days or weeks to a few minutes, so as to enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing operation costs.