Unified Cloud Management Solution

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Unified Cloud Management Solution

unified cloud management solution
The unified cloud management solution, TECS Director, provides centralized management, which can be divided into self-service platform and O&M (operation and maintenance) platform according to different users. The self-service platform is for business users, including these functions such as the self service for resources, operating capacity, to provide users with computing/network/storage resources required for building a business systems; The O&M platform is for O&M personnel, including these functions such as approval, operation analysis , resource O&M and other capabilities, helping managers to operate business more effectively and providing support for operation and maintenance.
The unified cloud management solution consists of the following sections:
1)Self-Service: for the end user to apply for and use the cloud services.
2)Operation Management: a unified operation and management for all the products in system,.
3)O&M:Centralized operation and maintenance of the whole network.
4)Cloud Resource Management:Turn distributed resources into one logically unified cloud resource pool and provide unified management of these resources.
Customer Value
  • Business flexibility

    Respond more quickly to business needs; reduce service delivery time, from several days to hours or even minutes.

  • Reduce costs and improve IT efficiency

    Make full use of existing infrastructure investments and control costs, policy-based management to avoid the waste of over configuration and inefficient resources.
  • More Choice

    Support hybrid cloud, and elastic scalability, to provide a flexible cloud infrastructure to meet current and future needs.
  • Rapid Deployment

    Transform existing infrastructure into scalable cloud services in a few days, so as to respond quickly and economically to business needs.