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Converged Messaging Solution Introduction

In order to help operators solve the problems of high CAPEX, high OPEX, and redundant construction caused by traditional message decentralization and chimney construction, and to meet the demands of operators for next-generation messaging service, ZTE has proposed a converged messaging solution to provide a unified messaging system architecture of which the capabilities of each business engine can be flexibly implemented through componentized and granular methods. While simplifying the system framework, supporting NFV cloud architecture, IPv6, etc., not only retains the characteristics of existing messaging services at the service level, but also provides a richer media convergence communication service experience, while moving from 2/3/4G to 5G network, the solution provides a solution for the interworking of message services in different bearer networks. The convergence solution mainly includes:

  • Support NFV, IPv6
  • Fully converged messaging platform including supportting platform, service logic and maintenance
  • Fully support of 2G~5G messaging services
  • Support hosting and multiple tenants solution
  • Powerful interoperability between legacy servcies and new services with embedded HUB
  • Integrated 5G messaging solution to support SMS over IP and SMS over NAS 

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