Unified Signaling Route Solution

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Unified Signaling Route Solution

Unified Signaling Route Solution
The unified signaling routing solution is based on ZXUN DSC (Diverse Signaling Conductor) which integrates DRA/STP/IWG/MNP/SLF and other network elements. It supports Diameter / No.7 full signaling access and interoperability in 2/3/4G/IMS networks. It makes a great convenience to the operator signaling network.

DRA supports central routing, policy binding, load balancing and edge routing, etc.

STP supports TDM STP and IP STP with the scenario of central routing, edge routing, etc.

Full virtualization:

● Following ETSI NFV network virtualization protocol standard and NFV E2E reference architecture.

● Full life-circle management

● Flexible scale-in/out

● VM migration and self-heal

● Using a variety of performance tuning technology, such as NUMA, DPDK, huge pages, CPU pinning

● Rapid deployment

One signaling network, supporting 2/3/4/5G/IMS

Flexible routing, simplified networking

High reliability and high security

Customer Value
  • Providing safe and reliable network

    The unified signaling routing solution provides the unified Diameter/No.7 network routing and rich routing model to simplify network deployment and network structure.
    With deploying the solution on the network boundary, the operator network topology information is hided, so that the operator network is more secure and reliable.
    The solution provides rich routing mechanism to achieve dynamic load balancing, so that operators have a more reliable network.
  • Rapid deployment and flexible adaption to meet network demand

    The unified signaling solution is based on cloud architecture, and hardware and software are decoupled. The solution can be rapidly deployed and flexibly adapt to operator needs.