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Convergent 2G/3G/4G/5G/IMS Signaling Network

The convergent signaling routing solution is based on ZXUN DSC (Diverse Signaling Conductor) which integrates DRA/STP/IWF/MNP/SLF/SCP/BSF/SEPP and other network functions. It supports Diameter/No.7/HTTP signaling access and interoperability in 2G/3G/4G/5G/IMS networks. It makes a great convenience to the operator signaling network.

  • DRA supports central routing, policy binding, load balancing and edge routing, etc.
  • STP supports central routing and edge routing of TDM STP and IP STP, etc.
  • SCP processes HTTP signaling, supports centralized routing and load balancing scenarios, converges network signaling routing and simplifies networking.
  • BSF supports the 5GC policy session binding scenarios and routes multiple sessions of the same user to the same PCF for processing.
  • SEPP supports the 5GC edge routing scenarios, and provides functions such as signaling encryption, signaling screening and topology hiding to enhance network security.

Full virtualization:

  • Follows ETSI NFV network virtualization protocol standard and NFV E2E reference architecture.
  • Full life circle management
  • Flexible scale-in/out
  • VM migration and self-heal
  • Use a variety of performance tuning technology, such as NUMA, DPDK, Huge Pages, CPU Pinning
  • Fast deployment

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