TCP Optimization Solution

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TCP Optimization Solution

TCP Optimization Solution
Traditional TCP protocol isn’t born for wireless communication. The video playing stall, slow web loading, and unstable file downloading often occur. TCP protocol will cause bad user experience when the user is in congestion cell, interfering cells and weak signal cells. It will cause the problems like the high latency, packets, packets disorder, dropping frequently, and throughput decrease.

TCP optimization is designed for solving the problems listed above. The GGSN/PGW can work as a TCP proxy for the TCP connection between UE and application server. The GGSN/PGW sets up the two TCP connections with UE and with application server separately. Thus, it can optimize the TCP parameters as per the wireless conditions and application servers’ conditions. The TCP parameters optimization can improve the overall TCP performance.

Customer Value
  • User Experience Improvement

    It can improve the user experience; develop the value of the network for operators.
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