SmartDPI Solution

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SmartDPI Solution

SmartDPI Solution
Currently, it’s difficult to deploy the operators’ back-end pay service. The operating and maintenance cost is high and time to market is long. It requires negotiation with ISP manually. It requires manual deployment for the whole network service rules. Due to the lack of a centralized operating and maintenance point, it requires to configure the rules one by one for all network elements deployed in distributed sites.

ZTE proposes SmartDPI solution to solve the challenges above. In this solution, the rules of back-end pay service are generated centralized in ISP configuration interface. ISP will forward the rules by SOAP interface to EMS, and then EMS distributes to other SAE-GWs in real-time. After receiving the rules, the SAE-GW will load the rule immediately and mange the service packets as per the new rules.
Customer Value
  • Millions service rules and high efficiency

    By introducing the SmartDPI solution, it supports millions service rules for internet service. This solution can have high memory and search efficiency.
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