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NFV makes network architecture of telecom operators more open through software/hardware decoupling and hardware generalization, meanwhile, NFV involves many vendors and interfaces, resulting in that system integration of multi-vendor faces many challenges, such as immature standard, incomplete ecosystem, problem analysis & obscure location boundary, unfamiliar services with frequent update and difficulty in guaranteeing reliability.
ZTE makes crossing verification plan and verification scheme of NFVI layer, VIM layer, VNF layer and NFVO layer in association with partners of mainstream NFV industry depending on open lab resources, which can find multi-vendor compatibility problems in advance as well as solutions for it, thus ZTE accumulates abundant multi-vendor integration experience and knowledge base of end to end solutions. The pre-integration verification in open lab reduces commercial risks of the system greatly. 

Deployment Experience
  • Shorten the application docking cycle of different manufacturers

    Shorten the development cycle: different vendors do not need to develop Plug-in, the development cycle shortened to 0~5 days;
    Shorten the test cycle: greatly reduce the difficulty of docking, testing cycle shortened to 5~10 days;

  • Integration tools improve integration efficiency

    Rapid deployment environment: automated deployment tools can quickly complete hardware, cloud platforms, and MANO installation and deployment, to improve testing and delivery efficiency;
    Rapid completion of docking test: tool simulation, docking test to achieve complete automation, without human intervention, you can get accurate test reports;
    Accurate testing of all interfaces: fully simulate their own and peripheral system interfaces, and consider the impact of environmental factors to simulate the actual environment to the greatest extent;
    Save manpower and resources: after using tool simulation, you can complete most of the tests without actually deploying the real environment, and save a lot of resources;

  • Have the advantage of becoming the primary integrator

    Rich experience in operation and maintenance: 20 years of dedicated communications industry, strong R & D and operation and maintenance capabilities;
    Complete products: not only has a full range of products VNF/MANO/VIM/NFVI, but also has sufficient technical support and support capacity;
    Many partners: the establishment of a large number of partners in the system integration ecosystem and Openlab laboratory;
    Practical integration experience: a hierarchical decoupling scheme for system integration, which has been verified by a large number of practices;

  • Deliver a multi-layered, integrated product

    Provide NFVI integration services: provide integration of hardware, equipment, and cloud management systems, including computing resources, storage resources, network resources, and cloud platforms: such as Openstack, VMWare, Redhat, etc.;
    Provide MANO integration services: support for orchestration of multiple services and resources, and VNF/NS lifecycle management;
    Provide VNFs integration services: support for VNF/NS's various business services such as vIMS, vEPC, and other end-to-end services;
    Providing PNFs integration services: supports interoperability between traditional networks and NFV virtual networks;

Solution scenarios
  • NFV system integration solution

    ZTE NFV system integration solution_V2.0

  • NFV Security Solutions

    NFV Security Solutions