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NFV Security Solutions

NFV Security Solutions
ZTE pays close attention to the security required by customers, thus it establishes NFV system having no ‘Security Blind Area’ by examining serious security threat faced by NFV system from a full perspective based on ETSI NFV architecture.

After analysis of current security problems faced by NFV system, we introduced all-around solutions, mainly about problems on physical layer, cloud platform layer, VNF layer, MANO layer and system, forming perfect NFV unified security framework.

As NFV solution supplier, ZTE examines potential security threat in NFV based on ETSI NFV architecture with a full perspective, and provides security plan from multiple dimensions in depth to amend security holes in NFV system.

Solution Features

**Full Coverage Without Dead Space of the System

Relevant solutions are for security problems on physical devices, software and enterprises system respectively, which guarantees security of NFV system completely.

**Accurate Security Reinforce Method

It implements unified certification and SSO (Single Sign-On) for NFV system, through central security audit, the entire operation from login to logout experiences audit, which monitors all the sensitive operations by users on target devices and focuses on key events to implement timely detection & warning and accurate checking on security events.

**Enhanced Public Security Assurance

CA center is established to guarantee identity reliability of each node and continuously updated security services; emergency response organization is founded to deal with security events timely. The security service assurance system from multiple dimensions helps operators use NFV system safely.

Build Comprehensive NFV Security Protection

Hierarchical NFVI Security Protection

- Strict physical security system
- Reliable NFVI security architecture

Multiple VNF Security Protection

- Reliable VNF security solution
- Precise MANO security reinforcement

Enhanced Security Protection

- Continuous security services updating
- Emergency response to security event
Customer Value
  • Establishing NFV system having no ‘Security Blind Area'

    ZTE makes series of security methods from physical security, NFVI security, VNF security, MANO security and public security, establishing perfect NFV unified security framework.
  • Continuously updated security services

    Through continuous update accumulation of security, ZTE establishes reinforce base line of NFV system security hole. The system can update reinforce base line of NFV system security hole through the trigger by external events or timely internal scanning.
  • Fast emergency response to security events

    Founding special security service department: ZTE PSIRT (ZTE Product Security Incident Response Team) is in charge of receipt, process and disclosure of emergency response organizations of ZTE products & solutions, which are related to security holes, thus it can deal with and eliminate any security holes in NFV system timely and quickly.