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ZTE NFV system integration solution

NFV system integration solution
NFV system integration involves complex work of many aspects, in which, multi-vendor integration and E2E service guarantee of multiple vendors and in open source environment are especially complex. Seeking to be the best partner of operators in ICT transformation, ZTE provides one-stop NFV system integration solution, which can assist operators in plan and design, deployment, verification, and maintenance; delivering efficient and executable NFV system to operators with premium system integration services.

Besides, the various system cloud integration tool kits can accelerate NFVI integration, VNF integration and MANO integration in both the pre-integration verification phase and the integration delivery phase, enhancing the system integration efficiency.

Light spots in the solution:

** Dual-DevOps multi-vendor integration plan

Dual-DevOps solution is proposed for the pre-integration and the integration and delivery phases according to the features and requirements of the system cloud integration . It links equipment vendor, integration vendor, and operator together and forms a highly self-managed dual-DevOps closed loop via standardized process, this not only reduces the risk of system integration by multiple vendors, but also facilitates the implementation of commercial application site.

**Diversified integration services

It provides NFVI integration service, VNF integration service, and MANO integration service for different scenarios, meeting diversified requirements of different customers.

**Complete and explicit multi-vendor integration PSI work flow

It not only defines the work interface and the responsibility table of integration vendor, operator, and equipment provider; but also specifies a complete work flow of integration delivery, avoiding dispute during delivery, guaranteeing orderly and efficient integration delivery, and finally delivering a premium NFV system to the customer.

**Abundant E2E integration tools

ZTE has developed a series of integration tools, including automated deployment tool, function automated test tool, performance evaluation tool, health inspection tool, root cause analysis tool, one-key upgrade tool, and system backup and recovery tool; which help enhance the deployment and the operation and maintenance efficiency greatly.

Customer Value
  • Boost service launch

    ZTE has already set up mature spare part centers and logistics system around the globe, with standard delivery process and visible quality monitoring and management system all through the flow, plus the pre-integration verification on NFV overall solution in NFV open lab, it guarantees the launch and operation of CSPs new requirements and new service at the top speed and helps seize the market chances in the first place.
  • Open ecosystem

    Based on NFV hierarchical architecture, ZTE builds NFV commercial ecosystem jointly with the industry mainstream partners in every layer field. The technical cooperation and innovation as well as the product integration solution joint plan and verification are all based on an open and open source attitude and principle.
  • Enrich integration tool kits, enhance deployment efficiency

    Automated deployment of equipment can be completed fast with the tool kits like automated deployment tool and performance evaluation tool, enhancing engineering delivery efficiency.
  • Operator-level reliability

    Based on NFV hierarchical architecture, ZTE NFV system integration solution designs high reliability architecture on every layer. By leveraging multi-geographic region disaster tolerance mechanism in NFVI resource pool, HA mechanism in VIM management layer, and lightweight stateless logic in VNF software architecture, plus the combination of software and hardware facilitating performance, the NFV new cloudification network can still feature high reliability of legacy telecommunication equipment.