ZTE Rated“Leader”in Core Packet Optical Transport Evaluation by Global Data


ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today announced its next-generation, ultra-large capacity packet optical transport equipment, ZXONE 9700, has been rated as a “Leader” on the core packet-optical platform by GlobalData, a world-renowned telecommunications, software and IT service consulting company. According to the report, ZTE’s ZXONE 9700 provides the strongest switching capacity and the highest number of dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) lines among similar products. To date, ZTE is the first manufacturer to have a product rated as “Leader” in both the categories of core packet transport and metro optical transport. 

The ZXONE 9700 is ZTE’s ultra-large cross-capacity optical transport network (OTN) equipment. It supports the 100G/beyond-100G transport rate and the optical channel data unit-k (ODUk)/packet/virtual container (VC) unified cross platform for the rigid/flexible pipelines and unified transport of government and enterprise private lines. It also supports colourless directionless contentionless flexgrid (CDCF) and reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer (ROADM) to cover all operator application scenarios ranging from the edge aggregation layer to the core backbone layer, meeting transparent transport requirements, flexible scheduling, aggregation processing and service management and monitoring for mass data services. So far, ZTE’s new-generation ultra-large capacity packet optical transport products have been widely used by global operators. 

“ZTE’s ZXONE 9700 provides a strong marketing message around software defined networking (SDN) management and control capabilities, especially focused on the ZENIC WAN controller features designed to support multi-layer, multi-vendor control of the transport network,” says the report from GlobalData. 

“This ‘Leader’ evaluation fully demonstrates that ZTE’s next-generation, ultra-large capacity optical transport product has taken a leading position in its field,” said Chen Yufei, general manager of optical transport products at ZTE. “ZTE’s innovative end-to-end, elastic and enhanced E-OTN solution will continue to help operators build a future-oriented optical transport network in this era of digital transformation.” 

ZTE retains the industry's leading position in 100G/beyond-100G innovation technology, with more than 300 network application cases and over 300,000-kilometres of 100G network optical fibres for first-class carriers across Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America and other regions. ZTE’s global optical network market share is ranked number two in the world, according to the global optical network market share reports recently released by OVUM.