ZTE: 5G Networks Desire High-speed, Convergent, and Intelligent Distributed Cloud Resource Pools


ZTE Corporation, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today demonstrated the high-speed, convergent, and intelligent distributed cloud resource pool (NFVI) solution, facilitating operators’ network virtualization transformation, to embrace the incoming 5G era.

The 5G mobile broadband system is a full-service, multi-technology converged network. From the perspective of user requirements, 5G networks need to support higher bandwidth, lower latency, higher reliability, and massive users; in terms of operational requirements, 5G networks need to be flexible, automated, and intelligent. The 5G hierarchical network needs infrastructure based on a distributed cloud architecture. The central node manages and controls the entire network as the brain of the network, and it has a few resource pools but with large capacity. The edge node serves as the access point of the service to provide nearby access and improve service quality, and its resource pools are small in scale but large in number and distributed in multiple sites, so it is difficult to operate and maintain.

Yu Fanghong, general manager of ZTE's SDN/NFV virtualization product in China, said, "5G networks require high-speed, converged and intelligent distributed cloud resource pools (NFVI) to carry diverse network services and achieve simple and efficient O&M. ZTE TECS cloud platform, based on the OpenStack, conducted enhancements on functions, performance, reliability, operation and maintenance, and security according to the features of 5G networks. It is seamlessly integrated with the SDN to achieve cloud and network synergy. Through the control and linkage across the entire network, it allocates and schedules all kinds of resources based on service demands, and it realizes remote centralized O&M by leveraging intelligent analysis and automation tools, to provide 5G networks with the flexible distributed cloud infrastructure solution which features rich functions, excellent performance, high security, high reliability, and intelligent O&M.”

As the world's leading provider of integrated communications solutions, ZTE provides the TECS product based on the KVM/OpenStack cloud operating system which has been widely used in private and public cloud networks worldwide, and has gained extensive commercial experience. As of now, ZTE has deployed more than 320 commercial / POC projects of cloud infrastructure around the world, and has conducted in-depth cooperation with leading global operators. It has joined ETSI, 3GPP, ONAP, OPNFV, OpenStack, Open Daylight, ONOS, and other standards organizations and open source communities. It is committed to promoting the openness of cloud infrastructure, to embrace the 5G era.