ZTE's vDC Network Solution and AI CDN Solution Win "CCBN 2019 Innovation Award"


20 March 2019, Shenzhen, China - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today announced that its intelligent vDC network solution and AI CDN solution win “CCBN 2019 Innovation Award” at China Content Broadcasting Network 2019 in Beijing.

Covering both single DC and multi-DC scenarios, ZTE’s vDC network solution can build comprehensive and intelligent cloud networks, providing customers with intelligent, open and secure cloudified data center networks. 

Introducing SDN technologies to the data center, the solution can effectively improve the automatic deployment capability of the network, dramatically shorten the service provisioning in the cloud resource pool, greatly raise the service deployment efficiency, implement the east-west and north-south intelligent traffic scheduling, thereby meeting the requirements of multi-resource pool interconnection and resource sharing.   

To date, ZTE’s vDC network solution has been commercially deployed around the world. ZTE has built up a commercial SDN project completely based on software with China Telecom, and passed its cloud resource pool SDN test. Furthermore, ZTE has cooperated with China Mobile to complete China’s largest hybrid SDN private cloud project.

In addition, ZTE’s AI CDN solution integrates both AI and MEC technologies, achieving the smart scheduling between CDN nodes and moving CDN downward to the edge region, so as to reduce network transmission costs. 

Backed up with machine learning as well as the big data analysis and processing platform, ZTE’s AI CDN solution learns the CDN nodes and access through modeling. Moreover, it forms a loop of collection, prejudgment, control and feedback, achieving smart scheduling between CDN nodes. 

Meanwhile, based on the MEC CDN technology, ZTE’s AI CDN solution moves CDN downward to the edge, satisfying the business requirements in the 5G era and reducing network transmission costs. 

In addition, this solution achieves rapid distribution and delivery of the CDN content, improves the user experience and pipeline value, and explores the CDN network evolution. Therefore, the AI CDN technology will accelerate the user experience transformation of multimedia video services.       

ZTE is dedicated to becoming the best partner in the telecommunications industry. For instance, ZTE has built an integrated CDN system in partnership with China Mobile to integrate the MEC CDN service platform. Moreover, ZTE has maintained a leading position in terms of performance in many CDN tests organized by operators. 

The annual CCBN Innovation Awards aim to recognize the excellent products and technologies in broadcasting, movies, television, and communications, in a bid to facilitate the transformation of innovations to production.