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The ZXCLOUD R5300 G3 rack server is a new-generation 2U dual-channel rack server, and it supports Intel E5-2600 V3/V4 processors. Based on its high-density and sophisticated design, the R5300 G3 features excellent computing performance, high reliability, large capacity, support for virtualization, and easy management, as well as provides flexible and powerful expansion capabilities. It is a good choice for Internet, cloud computing, big data, enterprise key applications, and telecom. It is capable of providing stable disk read and write capabilities on the 24/7 basis for three years, and can easily bear a huge number of data read and write requests.
The R5300 G3 supports the following hard disk configurations:
Eight 2.5” hard disks in the front panel, supporting SATA/SAS/SSD disks and hot swap.
Twelve 3.5” hard disks (compatible with 2.5” hard disks) in the front panel and two 2.5” hard disks and a maximum of four 3.5” hard disks in the rear panel, supporting SATA/SAS/SSD disks and hot swap.
Twenty-four 2.5” hard disks in the front panel , two 2.5” hard disks and a maximum of four 3.5” hard disks (compatible with 2.5” hard disks) in the rear panel, supporting SATA/SAS/SSD disks and hot swap.
Latest Function
If you want to know the latest functions, please send email to SDNFV@zte.com.cn to apply for VIP user.
Major Function
  • High Density and Performance

    The server supports 2 processors, adopts the latest Intel Xeon E5-2600 V3/V4 series processors, the maximum single processor reaches 22 cores, QPI architecture is adopted among CPUs, and the data transmission speed ratio reaches 9.6GT/S maximally. Support the latest Intel Grantley platform, Wellsburg PCH chipset, hyper-threading technology, and virtualization. Support 24 pieces of DDR4 ECC memory slots, LRDIMM, memory speed ratio reaches 2400MHz maximally, maximum capacity: 1.5TB (single 64GB memory); Maximally support 8 PCI expanded slots, support 2 pieces of GPUs, and provide strong computing ability. Configure NVMe SSD, provide high-speed I/O performance.
  • Local Storage with High Expansion and Bandwidth

    Maximally provide 30 pieces of 2.5” hard disks or 16 pieces of 3.5” hard disks +2 pieces of 2.5” hard disks, support SATA/SAS/SSD hard disk, hot plug; besides, it provides 2 pieces of embedded SATA SSDs. It provides 100 TB storage capacities maximally to meet large capacity storage requirement. It provides 4 NVMe SSD slots, high-speed I/O interface, which solve slow visiting speed bottleneck in traditional solution; Embedded dual-SD cards, which effectively reduces costs; Adopt SAS3.0 controller, provide 12G SAS interface, which enhances one time speed, compared with last generation 6G bandwidth, supports RAID0/1/10/1E; Flexible configuration, provide multiple hard disk shelves and RAID card configuration items, configure local storage according to service requirements. Support RAID 0/1/1E/10/5/50/60, and power-off data protection.
  • High Availability and Reliability

    Perfect redundancy design of R5300 G3 system components to guarantee high reliability and availability. The power adopts 1+1 redundancy design, any power failure does not influence system running. Remote visible operation helps to manage and control the server and trouble-shooting quickly.
  • Domestic Own, Customized Products

    Support ZTE operation system CGSL, self-owned intellectual property rights. Support domestic Kylin operation system, safe and reliable; Own hardware and software, customized development.
  • Convenient Management and Easy Maintenance

    Provide one independent RJ45 giga management network interface, support centralized management, manage software via standard configuration, manager CPU, power and heat dissipation data; Realize strong iKVM function. Administrator locates local console’s drive, floppy drive to remote server, upgrades software for remote system, or install and maintain operation system; Support to manage application software, CLI or Web, check log files, send alarms via set alarm modes. Conform to BMC standards management system, support IPMI, SOL, KVM Over IP.

  • Energy-saving and Environment Protection

    Platinum power, provide 550W,800W and 1200W, support 110VAC, 220VAC, 240VDC and 336VDC, support 1+1 redundancy; Intelligent mute fan speed adjusting design: low power consumption and noise. Real-time system power consumption managerment, which is convenient for customers to perform equipment room power configuration according to actual applications; Intelligent CPU frequency conversion, adjust CPU working frequency according to service pressure; Green and environment protection.