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ZXCLOUD R8500 G3 rack server is a compute-intensive high-performance platform and provides highly-scalable memory (up to 6TB) and matching powerful I/O function, which is able to easily run a variety of applications and virtualization environments of large and medium enterprises. R8500 G3 uses four Intel Xeon E7-4800 V2/V3/V4 processors. All key components adopt redundancy design to process mission-critical applications with very rigorous demands, such as Customer Relation Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Key Database. It is well suited for key field application scenarios requiring high performance, high scalability, high reliability and high creditability.
Latest Function
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Major Function
  • High Density and Performance

    (1) It is based on Intel’s latest Brickland platform that supports three generations of processors of IVB-EX, HSW-EX, and BDW-EX and provides rich RAS features. (2) It uses four Intel Xeon processor E7-8800/4800 (V2/V3/V4) series processors. (3) It provides 96 DIMM memory slots (up to 6 TB). (4) It provides at most 12 PCI‐e 3.0 expansion slots, and 8 hot-swappable PCIe slots. By configuring the GPU and high-speed NIC, it provides users with strong numerical computing, graphics processing and network communication abilities. (5) It supports up to eight hot-swappable SFF SAS/SATA hard disks.
  • High availability, reliability, scalability and high reliability

    (1) It provides more than 60 RAS features (fault-tolerant capability) at core level, link level, module level and system level, which comprehensively increases the system availability. - Perfect hardware fault detection, fault correction and report mechanism - Hot-swappable memory chips, memory image, memory failure isolation - Hot-swappable PCIe cards, senior error report, real time fault recovery - QPI link protection and self-healing - CPU isolation and migration (2) It uses the black box technology that collects the host processor register information, keeps reset and the scene of the outage through independent transmission channels and storage medium, which provides efficient means for fault locating and troubleshooting. (3) It supports up to four CPUs, 96 memory chips, eight hard disks, 12 PCI-e cards. It supports flexible configurations according to the actual requirements, which has high system scalability. (4) It supports mainstream security solutions such as TPM, TCM, and TXT. Its hardware-level security protection function meets the user requirement for high security. (5) It uses excellent heat dissipation design that effectively improves the system reliability, prolongs the service life of parts, and reduces the cost. (6) Its key components such as hard disks, power modules, memory chips and PCIe cards support redundancy and hot swapping. They can be replaced and maintained without powering off the system, which improves the system availability. (7) It supports hardware RAID and supports SAS RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, and 50 to provide users with a variety of data protection solutions.
  • Convenient Management and Easy Maintenance

    (1) It provides centralized management by using management software with standard configuration to manager the CPU, power module and heat dissipation system, and makes rapid configuration. (2) It provides the powerful iKVM function. An administrator can direct the CD-ROM and floppy drive of the local console to a remote server to upgrade the software, or install and maintain the operating system of the remote system. (3) It supports system management by using the application software, CLI or Web, including viewing the log files,  makes alarms according to configured alarm mode. (4) It supports the IPMI2.0 management system through the IPMI interface, provides out-of-band management and WEBM Provider. It can be integrated with the third party management system, and provides local management tools including: - Fault analysis and recovery - System diagnosis, system configuration, equipment management, and user management - Network management, firmware management, security management, and partitioned management - Automatic server protection in the case of power fluctuation or failure - Power consumption, performance adjustment and real-time report (5) Automated machine testing

  • Energy-saving and Environment Protection

    (1) Supporting 2 + 2 redundant high-efficiency platinum power supply. (2) Smart fan speed control, low power consumption and low noise. (3) In real time managerment the system power consumption for providing reference for customers to configure the equipment room power. (4) Smart CPU frequency conversion to adjust the CPU working frequency according to the service pressure. (5) Green, lead free, and environmental protection.