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CloudStudio eFlow

CloudStudio eFlow
CloudStudio eFlow operation and maintenance(O&M) process management platform supports the daily O&M actions through electronic and intelligent means, and helps the O&M team to strictly regulate the O&M process. In addition, CloudStudio eFlow uses a flexible process engine and software architecture to provide access to mobile device APP while supporting traditional PC access.

CloudStudio eFlow comprehensively manages and optimizes various scenarios involved in the O&M work, such as effective management of preventive tasks, full control of O&M assets and spare parts inventory, timely output of various types of O&M reports, refined fuel management, etc. Thus it provides high-quality support for O&M work, comprehensively improves the efficiency and quality of O&M, as well as reduce OPEX.

Latest Function
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Major Function
  • Process Management

    For regional O&M management, this module provides dispatching and management of job resources such as O&M asset management, spare parts, on-duty management, intelligent task dispatching, tools, instrumentation, and vehicle management to improve the efficiency of regional O&M.

  • Service Management

    This module provides management functions for personnel of the NOC center on network failure list, requests change, and inspection plans, including task distribution and recording, thus replacing traditional manual telephone and paper methods.

  • Intelligent Terminal Management

    The Mobile Operation pPlatform is a mobile O&M APP provided to on-site O&M service personnel. O&M personnel can view and process work tasks anytime and anywhere, record work track, and collect feedback at the site. The platform helps the O&M team analyze the shortcomings of efficiency and improve the real effectiveness of the on-site O&M work.