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CloudStudio GSO Introduction

In order to support the unified management of Network Slice/Network Service/VNF,  ZTE launched the CloudStudio GSO product.

CloudStudio GSO is a new generation OSS system for the virtualized network and 5G network slice which provides an end to end solution for network slice design, fulfillment and assurance. It includes slice design,  slice orchestration, slice configuration & activation, global inventory, and operation & maintenance management, etc.

CloudStudio GSO provides flexible solutions which based on a micro-service architecture, with an all-in-one management and one-key operation to help our customers achieve the overall management for 5G network slice and virtualized network, accelerated service innovation and massive new service launching, and then greatly shorten TTM.

Latest Function

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Major Function

  • Integrated Monitoring

    Standard protocol adaption, including CORBA, SNMP, TL1 protocols, helps to obtain the alarm data, performance data, basic information and other related data from a cross-vendor, cross-domain network.It supports the management of both cloud and netword and supports the alarm corelation analysis cross physical layer,virtualized layer and network business layer.
  • Intelligent Analysis

    Intelligent analysis supports statistical analysis function. According to customer and business dimensions of statistical analysis, it can show alarm and performance report weekly and monthly for different customers and different business, so as to analyze the reasons for corrective measures. It provides visualization dashboard to show the whole network running status and network business indicators dynamically.
  • Policy Center

    Policy center is the actions of different events which include performance threshold, QOS alarm and other alarm events. Policy center includes key functions as policy lifecycle management, policy triggering and policy execution.
  • Electronic O&M

    Based on standard O&M process, O&M assurance focus on the intelligent dispatching of O&M resources, matching the appropriate resources (including people, vehicles, generators, etc...) to solve the network problems.