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CloudStudio NFVO+ Introduction

In face of cloud network commercial demand, how to unify the traditional NE and virtual resource orchestration management in the layered architecture, fast on-line support new business and new capacity, perform reliability and high quality O&M assurance is the objective requirement of network transformation.  Through the expansion of enhanced NFVO(NFV Orchestrator) function, CloudStudio NFVO+ (NFV Orchestrator)provide a unified Portal help operators to achieve full network end-to-end PNF/VNF security management capabilities and resources unified orchestration.  1.The longitudinal integration, implementation of NFVO(NFV Orchestrator)/VNFM/VIM integrated management; 2.The lateral integration, realize the actual condominium of VNFM/EMS ; 3.The integration of traditional OSS and virtual management, realize open interface and standard protocol docking.

Latest Function

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Major Function

  • The virtual resource design orchestration and life cycle management

    Provide VNF/NS blueprints for design, orchestration, and deployment test verification capabilities.

  • VNF/NS - one click deployment

    Trough resource modeling tools to achieve the unity of resources, integrated model design, including the definition of resources, meta-data, relationships, templates and other functions.

  • Alarm Association

    Support for the association of NFVO/VNFM/EMS/VIM alarm information and performance data, through root cause analysis to provide fault handling efficiency.

  • System security management

    Provide network security, system security, application security (security model, access control and authorization, system audit), security management strategy and other security assurance capabilities.

  • Ability to open

    Based on the open architecture, support the mainstream manufacturers virtual environment deployment, providing a standard interface integration of third-party VNF and guarantee system, and have the ability of multi-vendor virtualization resource management system.