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NFVO Enable Digital Transformation

ZTE releases CloudStudio NFVO products 

ZTE releases CloudStudio NFVO products integrated with SDN/NFV technologies, Based on DevOps concept, NFVO provide network design, Sandbox test, E2E Orchestration, agile deployment, open integration, intelligent operation and maintenance and other functions, to achieve new business agile development, continuous integration, continuous delivery and fast on-line. Which implements E2E unified orchestration and management of network resource and service in design, development, deployment and O&M. CloudStudio NFVO provides open integration capability cooperating with the third party partners, and NFVO builds the industrial chain to accelerate service innovation.

NFVO solution

ZTE NFVO has launched its Elastic Conductor solution, which was applied by OPEN-O systems and assisted China Mobile to help with the development of the NFVO demonstration. ZTE NFVO uses its flagship product ZXR10 V6000 vBRAS to complete the cross-connection test with all virtualized cloud platforms from other vendors. It also finishes the connection with TeleNOS (Telecom Network Orchestration System), the NFVO (Network Functions Virtualization Orchestration) system developed by China Telecom Beijing Research Institute to achieve the decoupling of VNFM and NFVO.

Products Advantages

Agile Design

Automated Deployment

Intelligent Assurance

Latest Function

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Major Function

  • Blueprint design

    ZTE NFVO supports centralized service design, policy design, analysis design, testing verification, releasing, centralized content and components base. The blueprint designer supports definition of TOSCA, YANG, HOT, etc. Blueprint descriptor files supports YAML and XML.
  • E2E orchestration

    ZTE NFVO provides graphical and visual orchestration, E2E service and resource orchestration across domain, service, vendors and networks.
  • One key auto deployment

    ZTE NFVO provides E2E auto testing, deployment, configuration and verification.
  • Intelligent O&M

    ZTE NFVO provides comprehensive centralized monitor and E2E faults correlation location, multi-layered fast healing, health auto diagnosis. ZTE NFVO implements integrated close-loop intelligent O&M to provide the system with reliable assurance.
  • Open and integration

    ZTE NFVO complies with ETSI/ 3GPP/ CCSA and other standard specifications, and participates in open source organizations positively. ZTE NFVO supports interconnection and integration with VIM/VNFM/NFVO/ and OSS from the third vendors, mainstream platform management like OpenStack/VMware. The number of the third party VNF in ZTE NFVO orchestration is more than 30.

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